I haven't posted for a really long time. Partly because I was working on some other projects and partly because I was going through a new phase of healing and nourishing my body. As mentioned in the title, my focus has been on balancing my hormones, which led me to discover how much I needed to gauge my insulin levels, which led me to discover new changes to my diet that I needed to make, which led me to discovering even more fun ways to exercise my body, which led me to experiencing a change in my body, energy levels and healthier hormones!

Yes! It is possible to do this using your own body's tools, strength, ability and wisdom and the will power and patience to wade through the process.

When I first started this cleansing and detoxing process, it was to clear up the candida that was ravaging my entire system. It was to clear up my skin, the horrible dandruff, balance my emotions, get rid of the insomnia, and get back some sort of energy.

As I realized about 7 years down the road that my poor adrenals had been shot and that basically my whole endocrine system had been thrashed, healing and nourishing those parts of me became my focus. While I believe that focusing on one part doesn't heal the whole body, I had become aware of this part of my body through the whole body focus. So once I knew that I needed to help my body help itself in balancing the hormones, I was on a quest. Here are some of the most important things I have learned both over my 7 years in this lifestyle and then most recently over the past year...

1. Relax!!! - My life was one of chronic stress, anxiety and fear so practicing relaxation through yoga, deep breathing, guided meditations and just sitting and being still was a huge huge step for me. Not only that but knowing the chemical reactions that were going on in my body...the cortisol dumping into my system because of the flight and fight response was enough to make me really not sweat the small stuff....because really, it's all small stuff.

2. Exercise! - When I started cleansing I learned that exercising too much would take away too much energy that was needed elsewhere in the body during the cleansing and the healing. So I was just rebounding lightly and doing a little bit of body work...leg lifts, squats, stretching. As I learned that Type O blood specifically can be sluggish and needs a good vigorous hour of intense interval training and that this is also good for balancing blood sugar and hormones...I was all over it! I started doing intervals walking and sprinting, sprinting on my rebounder, doing the INSANITY videos with my husband which totally kick my tush, and mega pilates on youtube and bootcamp classes at the gym.

3. Cleansing - I still keep up with my cleansing regimen...food combining properly, juicing until dinner, regular colonics and enemas throughout the week to keep any blockages from getting in the way and to remove the old waste and toxins, sweating in the sauna and getting sunshine. The emotional cleansing is also a part of it...constantly letting go of past negative behaviors, habits, patterns, judgements, and the wrongs that have been done to me...letting my mind, heart, and soul cleanse has been at the core of my healing physically.

4. Sleep! - I neglected this all growing up. I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning and then go to seminary, early morning scripture study for the youth members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, go to dance and track and then eat a late dinner and stay up late doing homework...I then had insomnia all through the rest of high school and in college and on my mission. That in itself, the amount of sleep  one gets and doesn't get affects the balance of hormones and blood sugar and insulin in such an extreme way... So now sleep is sacred to me. I used to sacrifice sleep for my workouts. Now I sacrifice workouts for sleep. I am not lazy by any means...I just value my sweet little adrenals and hormone producers!

5. Diet! - When one cleanses and detoxes, there sometimes can be an experience of fearing food...not wanting anything to get in the way of feeling light, empowered, energetic, strong, clear-minded, positive and healthy. Not wanting to re-tox after detoxing. So I went through this fearful stage, not wanting anything but my juices, very light salads and avocado smoothies. Then I learned and realized that my personal body needs and wants different things, like sardines, egg yolk shakes, lots of sea veggies, cooked and steamed veggies. I also decided to try some of the different things suggested on a week long fertility telesummit I participated in a few months ago. It was amazing that my cycle came back after changing things up a bit. I still stay true to myself, but I had to be open minded and truly use food as my medicine. I don't always crave these things...actually I don't crave much except my juices and smoothies to be honest, so a lot of the food I do eat is medicinal and it is worth it to me to nourish my body for myself and my future children. While yes, balanced hormones will yield a beautiful reproductive experience, I want to feel this way for myself as well...as who I am in my own skin, taking care of my body because it is the Temple of my Spirit.

I definitely had to step away from any additional sugars I was consuming...which was not much at all, but for me, there were some things like the sweet potatoes and the blue corn chips that just weren't doing great for me and my body wasn't responding well to them. So I cut them out and use stevia as my go-to sweetener. Every one in a while some pure maple syrup on some eggplant french toast is to die for! But other than that, not much else...stevia is the deal. Processed starches and carbohydrates, while touted as a help for low blood sugar...only do much more damage than something like fresh vegetables or raw nuts, or even fresh spring water.

NO Sugar! - This one I have learned over and over and over again what damage it does to the body and how it affects the reproductive system, insulin levels, the endocrine system, the brain, the heart, the liver...every system in the body is damaged by this substance...the refined sugar and glucose in candy, sodas, processed carbs and starches. Sugar is deemed as an actual food in our culture. I will post more about this one later.

6. Positivity and Good Vibrations! - Instead of getting stressed and overwhelmed by the hormone balancing to-do and not-to-do list, I started laughing A Lot! At myself and any silly things I did and do. I don't let myself get offended by things anymore or take things personally. I don't take things too seriously...because when I do, I take them WAY too seriously. I make conscious observations about others and point out all of their good qualities whenever I can. I make it a point and effort to pray about who I can help each day, who is in need, who is sad, alone, scared...who needs a pick-me-up? When I am in that frame of mind, knowing who I am, having connected with my Heavenly Father each day and night as my source of strength, then I can be a strength and light to others...that brings me incredible joy!

So, these are some of the things that have definitely kept me in the right direction and I will be posting future blogs breaking all of this down into more specific and descriptive detail.

In the meantime, if you or someone you know is struggling with hormone imbalances and low progesterone, and low blood sugar, try these things out...let me know your feedback on what is working for you!

To all your balancing hormones,