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One of my favorite Moments of bliss... 

One of my favorite moments of bliss -

 Who Am I? Why Want Bliss?

Do you ever wonder how to be a 'radical' in a mainstream world and still experience balanced bliss with those you love and who are special in your life? How do you not rock the boat? 

Or are you used to a fast-paced life where you feel beat up at the end of the day and that you really don't have the time to play, spend time with those you love, just rest, and do the things that truly give you energy?

Do you want to make realistic adjustments to your diet or that of your family? Do you need some ideas? Do you want support as you make these changes?

Do you want to remember who you are, what makes you who you are and how to re-connect with that and still do what you need to do?

Do you want to lose weight, have more energy, give your body more tools to heal itself? Do you want to feel beautiful in your own skin and not worry about covering anything up? 

Come on in and visit my blog!


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